Japanese Style Living Room, Best 5 Design Ideas

Japanese Style Living Room - Japan is one the countries that have interesting culture, lifestyle, fashion, technology and also about the culinary. The most interesting is the art of architecture and the interior of this country has an attraction and very unique.

Japanese Style Living Room - I am an Anime fans. You could say the idea of this article I get from the Anime. Not only watching the Anime, I also observed the situation or the atmosphere in the Anime. About the architecture and interiors that cannot be separated with the Japanese culture. The architecture and interior looks very distinctive with characters that use simple shapes, impressed clean, tidy, giving priority to customs and culture. And the concept of simplicity can be said the style of Japanese interior is minimalist.

Japanese Style Living Room - There are some interest things from the architecture and interior of the Japanese style living room, with a modern concepts and still the typical Japanese style that creates an atmosphere of calm and peace. There are Top Designer Ideas about the Japanese Style Living Room as Reference:
Japanese Style Living Room
The first design idea is Japanese style living room with the feel of nature. The natural atmosphere in the living room it feels cool and peaceful by blending soft colors of nature. The design uses the guest table "Lesehan" and some of the seats with backrest and arms without legs that are made of wood or rattan coated pillows or foam. While doing the talk, we will also be able to enjoy views of the ornamental plants bonsai or the like as well as the sounds of splash water from the pool will complement the tranquil atmosphere. Interesting isn't it? You and your guests will feel happy and comfortable with an atmosphere like this.
Japanese Style Living Room
The second design ideas is a simple concept, but impressed a neat, clean and elegant. The design of this one is creating an atmosphere of soft colors blend. This color is a combination of wood and stone elements, like chocolate, white and grey. This second design was still using the concept of the sitting, but more simple without backrest and pillows on some sides of the table. As well, the living room is decorated with lights and lanterns bonsai plants. In addition, limiting room looks using Shoji. Shoji is a sliding door or a wall, a room made of transparent paper thin so as to allow this room received a pretty good lighting during the night or day.
Japanese Style Living Room
The third design ideas is a modern concept. This third design attracts all and look WOW. The atmosphere created luxurious but still have the look of simplicity. First is floor, typical from interior of Japanese style both traditional or modern is floor material. Floors are often used in the interior of the living room is using material Tatami. This living room everything on Tatami. Tatami is a coating of floors or a thick mats made of straw. Tatami on floor will feel warmer in winter, cooler in the summer and will be fresher than the carpet for months. Then, guest table "Lesehan" combined with the couch in the shape of a rectangle with no backrest and arms. Not luxury but minimalist. Living room window looks also is made from Shoji. Any use of ornamental plants bonsai.
Japanese Style Living Room
The fourth design ideas is the traditional concept. Traditional is the characteristic which will not be separated with the culture of Japan, although the modern era but still did not abandon it. This traditional room designed with comfortable and elegant look. Guest table "Lesehan" rectangular is combined with seats on cushions or foam. In addition, the perimeter of the room made from Fusuma. Fusuma is a delimiter or sliding doors wrapped in paper or cloth invisibility framed pieces of wood. Shoji is also one of the limiting Japanese style room, it's just paper thin materials using Shoji transparent compared with the Fusuma. Moreover, Fusuma also usually drawn to the image of the natural landscape. The two kinds of limiting this wall would be great and wonderful to use in comparison must use glass.
Japanese Style Living Room
This last design idea is almost the same with a third idea above. However, this last design more thoroughly modern. With floors made of ceramic and pedestal Tatami. As well as a rather high table combined with the high chair as well. Furniture or Accessories in this room had a modern-day today. However, there are still a few sides on this living room while maintaining its culture. Like, guest table in addition to the main desk, still using tables with cushions to sit cross-legged.

So, that's some Design Ideas about Japanese Style Living Room Furniture as Reference Interesting. Prepare yourself and do not forget to look forward to the next Design Ideas. Thank You!

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